Announcing the Next Phase for NPN


Dear NPN family member,

We are pleased to announce the establishment of the National Professionals Network Enrichment Foundation (NPNEF).

Our purpose is to raise funds for African-American students and educational institutions by providing travel opportunities that broaden the knowledge, cultural understanding and professional expertise of the National Professional Network membership.

In short, we’ll keep on cruising together, but we’ll do something meaningful at the same time. All proceeds after operating expenses will be dispersed to educational institution(s) and/or student entities.

Our first step was to revive the Pollin Group partnership that ended in 2017. With their resources and industry connections at our disposal, we gain great flexibility and efficiency as cruise planners, enabling NPNEF to promise:

  • Competitive pricing: Through our new partnership with the Pollin Group, we can offer the same kind of registration process you’ll find with any other Cruise Line. You can pick your cabin category, location, etc. from the available NPNEF group inventory.
  • Transparency: Move over, Southwest! All additional fees, such as pre or post hotel, and tours will be posted upfront. You will know your bottom-line cost at the time of registration
  • No mandatory cancellation fees: Cancel for Any Reason Insurance is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, but not mandatory. (Credit card travel insurance has many restrictions, CFAR does not.)
  • Preferential treatment for all: We’ll fill up the buses and the tables on a first to register, first to be seated bases.

The five-day Cuba cruise in September 25-30, is not an official NPNEF cruise offering. It is a transition into the new, and it gives our group a chance to sail together this year. It may also alleviate the disappointment of those of you who did not recoup the $250 deposit.

Though the Pollin Group was not involved in the Cuba Cruise planning, registration or cancellation, Jim Pollin has graciously stepped into the breach, covering many expenses and waiving the normal $250 fee for all those who register. We hope you will join us.

You are a valuable member of the family, and your input is important. NPNEF will be conducting a survey in the next few weeks to get input on future cruise itinerary and programming.

If you are interested in receiving registration information about the September 25-30 Cuba Cruise, the NPNEF survey and/or any other additional updates from NPNEF, please complete the email Opt-In form below:

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Donald A. Thigpen, Jr.
President & CEO
National Professionals Network
Enrichment Foundation, Inc. (NPNEF)